The London Hardwood Club
The London Hardwood Club

Club Rules

The Club shall be called the “London Hardwood Club”.
The objects of the Club are:
a. To provide a forum for the purpose of exchanging information of common interest, and to assist, by open discussion, or other means, in providing a solution to difficulties or problems encountered by any individual member or number of members.
b. To endeavour to attain, by common effort, any condition of affairs likely to prove of benefit to the Trade in general, and, where considered advisable, to make recommendations to other Associations on matters affecting the interests of the Club members in particular.
c. To assist in supporting charities, and social and sporting events connected with the Timber Trade.
1. The Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and up to five further Officers, all to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. These Officers shall be responsible for the management of the Club and known as the Committee.
2. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held before the end of May each year, at which the Officers shall be elected, and any alterations, amendments or additions to these rules can only be made if agreed by a majority of the Member Firms present.
3. Only one representative of Member Firms present at any meeting shall be entitled to a vote.
4. Membership shall be open to Firms or Individuals whose business is directly connected to the hardwood industry.
5. Firms or Individuals intending to become members must apply in writing to the Committee and nominate two existing members as proposer and seconder. The proposer and seconder will be contacted in writing by a Committee Officer for their
references in support of the application. The Committee will then give the matter due consideration and inform the applicant of the outcome.
6. Individuals may be recommended as Honorary Members, but can only be elected by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting. Honorary Members may attend all the regular meetings of the Club at their own expense, but will not be liable for any Annual Subscription, and will not be entitled to vote at any Meeting.
7. Meetings will be chaired by the President or his appointee. It is the President’s prerogative to invite guests to meetings.
8. Meetings shall be held at least four times each year. Lunch meetings shall take place at 1.00 pm sharp at the Honourable Artillery Company, Armoury House, City Road, London EC1Y 2BQ, or such other place as may be appointed.
9. The Officers of the Club shall be empowered to convene meetings, or additional Lunch Meetings, should they deem it necessary or advisable.
10. Those eligible to attend meetings of the Club shall be the Principals and/or Employees of Members Firms. Only one representative of Member Firms shall be entitled to vote at any meeting.
11. At events, such as the Club’s Annual Lunch, only guests that are directly involved with the hardwood industry may be invited by a Member Firm.
12. If Officers of the Club feel that any Member or his invited guest(s) is not entering into the spirit of the Club’s activities, then the proposer of that Member or an Officer of the Club should be instructed to have words with them. If their behaviour is still unsatisfactory then the Committee have power to rescind membership.
13. The Club shall be a non-profit-making institution but, to cover expenses, there shall be an annual subscription, as determined by members in Annual General Meeting. The financial Year End shall be 30 April.
14. The Annual Subscription shall be payable within four weeks of the invoice date. Members joined after 30 September shall pay only half the annual subscription for the remainder of the Club year.
15. Members may apply to have their logo placed on the Club’s website, with a link to their own website in return for a fee paid. This facility is applicable for the duration of Membership only.
16. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called at any time, subject to not less than fourteen days’ notice being given, at the request of the Officers of the Club or upon receipt of a written requisition, with agenda, signed by the Principals of at least twelve
Member Firms or Individuals. No decision can have effect unless carried by a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.
17. All Firms or Individuals present at the Lunch Meetings held on 20 and 28 April 1937 are deemed to be Founder Members of the Club
Amended 7 May 2014
Amended 4 May 1994
Amended 23 April 1975
Amended 1 April 1952
28 April 1937
J Ahern & Son Ltd
The American Timber Co
Balsa Wood Co
Bambergers Ltd
S M Barr & Co
R Bernard & Co Ltd
Wm Bloore & Son Ltd
C Blumsom
Chas Boss & Co (Hardwood
Agents) Ltd
Wm Brandts (Timber) Ltd
Browning & Co Ltd
Bryce, Junor & Jellie Ltd
E O Burton & Co
Calders Ltd
Calder & Deutsh Ltd
Louis Caller Ltd
Edward Chaloner & Co (Timber) Ltd
Charik Bros Ltd
Churchill & Sim Ltd
Cobbett & Co Ltd
Cockburn, Summers & Co Ltd
A Cripps & Son Ltd
Denny, Mott & Dickson Ltd
Duncan Ewing & Co Ltd
Eisen (Timber Importers) Ltd
B G Elliott
Flatau Dick & Co
Forest Hardwoods Ltd
Forsyth Trading Co Ltd
Foy Morgan & Co Ltd
General Hardwood Co Ltd
N Gerver
Antony Gibbs & Sons Ltd
J Gliksten & Son Ltd
S Goldblatt Ltd
B Goldman & Sons Ltd
A Goodman Ltd
Gordon, Watts & Co Ltd
P W Grosse & Sons Ltd
Great Eastern Timber Co Ltd
Gridley Miskin & Co Ltd
Hacker Bros Ltd
Stanley E Hall Ltd
L Hall (Edmonton) Ltd
Hallam Ramsey & Co Ltd
J A Hewetson & Co Ltd
George Hopton & Co Ltd
Importing Timber Co
Ingram, Perkins & Co Ltd
L Jaffe & Co Ltd
Jones, Son & Smith Ltd
Richard H Keeping Ltd
James Kennedy & Co Ltd
James Latham Ltd
C Leary & Co
L Lewis & Son (Timber) Ltd
Lloyd Duncan & Co
London Plywood & Timber Co Ltd
J H Longhurst
MacFarlane, Burchell & Co Ltd
William Mallinson & Sons Ltd
Marrs & Cross & Wilfrid Fairbairns Ltd
Davis Mathias (Timber) Ltd
Millars Timber & Trading Co Ltd
M A Morris Ltd
Moorgate Trading Co Ltd
Munro Brice & Co Ltd
North Eastern Timber Importers Ltd
Wm Oliver & Sons Ltd
Partridge Cox & Co Ltd
Pharaoh Gane & Co Ltd
The Phoenix Timber Co Ltd
Price & Pierce Ltd
Sydney Priday & Snewin Ltd
H I Puddy & Co Ltd
Reif & Son Ltd
M & J Reuben
Ritter Lumber Co Ltd
H Russell (Timber) Ltd
Scantlebury & Hemingway Ltd
E Sherry Ltd
Smeaton Hanscomb & Co Ltd
Southerns Ltd
G C Stockwell (Hardwoods) Ltd
Austin Taylor & Co Ltd
Tosh & Co Ltd
Travis & Arnold Ltd
R M Turner & Hunters Ltd
J Twitchett
W M Valentine Ltd
Vincent Murphy & Co Ltd
James Webster & Bro Ltd
Weisbaum Bros Ltd
F A White & Sons
George Wilkins Ltd
G R Wiltshire & Co Ltd
John Withers & Co Ltd
R L Withnell & Co Ltd

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