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New Meeting Place

I would like to tell you about what we have been up to since the New Year Luncheon. As you may, or may not know, we have been having some issues with the HAC, and their new restrictions have sadly made it impossible for us to continue holding our meeting there. Since November 2019 we have been searching for new premises that will keep the service and quality that we are used to, and who are more accommodating to our needs. Well I’m glad to say that we have found a new venue that fits the bill, but since the March meeting has been cancelled the first meeting at the new venue will hopefully be our AGM in May. 

The AGM was sucessfully held via zoom as will the Market Meeting in June, hope to see you all in September.


The Globe
83 Moorgate




What’s new?

• No more Brigadier chastising you for not wearing a jacket and tie to the meetings
• A choice from three starters
• A choice from three mains
• And a choice from three desserts
• Networking after the meeting is just a few steps downstairs

‘How are we going to work this’ I hear you ask, ‘the paperwork for the meals will be a nightmare’? 
Well this where the LHC has taken a leap into the 20th century. With help from our amazing web wizard, we have updated our meeting booking form which will now all be done online through a link on your invitation email. This link will allow you to book your place and let you choose your meal for the day from their delicious menu.

We are located at:

Our meetings are held at the following location or via zoom while Covid 19 restrictions apply :

The Globe
83 Moorgate 

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